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KADIMA is honored to have been asked to help establish a program for advanced mental health treatments in Rwanda, a beautiful African country that suffers from high rates of depression, suicide and PTSD, much of which can be traced to the 1994 genocide that took place in that country. 

Dr Feifel Talk

Dr. Feifel's visit to rwanda

Dr. Feifel was invited by the Rwanda Society of Anesthesiologist to speak at the 8th annual All Africa Anesthesiology Conference in Kigali, Rwanda (September 2022). This presentation grew out of a request by providers at King Faisal Hospital in Kigali for KADIMA’s assistance to establish the first Ketamine Assisted Therapy program in Africa. During his trip, Dr. Feifel also met with the leadership of Rwanda’s flagship neuropsychiatric hospital where he gave a lecture to the staff providers on advanced treatments for mental illness such at TMS, ketamine therapy and psychedelic assisted therapy. During his presentations, Dr. Feifel shared his vast experience and knowledge developing and using advanced treatments to treat a litany of psychiatric conditions including depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety, PTSD, OCD and eating disorders 


Dr Feifel Talk

Bringing Advanced Mental Health To Africa

Dr. Feifel wrapped up his invited visit to Rwanda by speaking to the country’s key healthcare stakeholders at a special meeting arranged by the Ministry of Health. In addition to government officials and top mental health providers, attendees included representatives of Rwanda’s FDA and the major medical insurance agencies. After the presentation and questions, the group expressed enthusiasm to create, with Dr. Feifel’s assistance, a center of excellence modelled upon Kadima Neuropsychiatry Institute, that would provide Ketamine therapy and other advanced treatments for mental illness. A task force has since been established to take the next steps! 

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