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Mia Sarno, Psy.D

Mia Sarno (she/they) is a San Diego native who completed her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant University, specializing in Health Psychology and Integrative Psychology. She is trained with psychedelics of Ketamine, MDMA and 5MeO-DMT and will soon be working with LSD and psilocybin. The majority of her clinical experience is with health concerns of trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and chronic illness. Additionally, she has ample experience with severe / persistent mental illness and substance use concerns. As a queer person herself, Mia is a queer-affirming therapist and especially welcomes LGBTQ+ clients, as well as clients from other diverse backgrounds. Mia’s approaches to therapy include integrative approaches (transpersonal, existential, mindfulness, self-compassion, music therapy) as well as skills-based, action-oriented approaches like ACT or CBT. In her free time, Mia enjoys sunshine, live music, cooking, art, and fashion.

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Mia Sarno

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