Ten reasons why Kadima Neuropsychiatry Institute is the ONLY place you should consider for TMS, Ketamine and other advanced brain treatments.

1. Experience: We have more experience using TMS and Ketamine for psychiatric conditions than any other provider in San Diego by far!

In medicine, experience is crucial to success. This is especially true when it comes to advanced treatments such as TMS or Ketamine that are highly specialized and not performed by most physicians.  Dr. Feifel has far more experience using TMS and Ketamine than any other provider in San Diego!

  • In 2009, while at UCSD, Dr. Feifel became the first physician in San Diego, and one of the first in the United States, to provide TMS treatment with the Neurostar TMS system, the first FDA cleared TMS system.

  • In 2013, Dr. Feifel became the first physician in San Diego to provide Deep TMS (d-TMS) treatment with the Brainsway TMS system.

  • In 2008, Dr. Feifel established the first ketamine infusion program for psychiatric disorders in the world! It would be 8 years (2016) until the next provider of ketamine opened in San Diego.

2. Knowledge: Dr. Feifel is a certified Neuropsychiatrist and an expert in brain function,

Dr. Feifel’s qualifications include:

  • A doctorate (Ph.D.) in Neurobiology, as well as a Medical Degree from the top, ranked medical school in Canada (#12 in the world).

  • Over 25 years of experience treating and researching psychiatric disorders. Feifel has certification in three brain specialty /subspecialty areas:                                     1.  General Psychiatry (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology),                    2. Psychosomatic Medicine* (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology)           3. Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry (United Council of Neurological Subspecialties). 

  • Board Member of the Clinical TMS Society and co-chairs this organization’s Clinical Standards Committee which develops the best practice approaches for TMS treatment.

  • Member of the TMS and Treatment Resistant Task Forces of the National Network of Depression Centers (NNDC).

  • Internationally recognized for his knowledge and skill as a neuroscientist and neuropsychiatrist.

  • He is the only TMS or ketamine provider in San Diego who has been elected to the prestigious American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP).

  • Elected by his peers for inclusion in ‘Best Doctors in America’, and “Top Doctors.”

  • His work with innovative treatments for psychiatric conditions has been covered by national and international media including, The NY Times, PBS, Scientific American, The Washington Post, Time Magazine and Stern Magazine (Germany).

  • He has authored over 120 peer-reviewed publications on treating psychiatric disorders and has been invited to present his innovations in TMS and ketamine at international conferences.

Be wary of practices that have non-physicians (e.g. physician assistants) or non-psychiatrists (e.g. anesthesiologists) manage complex, treatment-resistant, psychiatric disorders with highly specialized treatments such as Ketamine and TMS. 

See “Should Anesthesiologists treat depression”     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KL0cTrAIKw

3. Flexibility: We are not a ‘one-trick pony.’

Many practices offer only one of the innovative treatments offered at Kadima.  Beware of centers with a single treatment or treatment approach in their name.  If you only have one tool in your toolkit you will always try to use that one tool even when it’s not the right one for the job. At Kadima, we know that one treatment, no matter how cutting edge it is, can’t be the right solution for everyone and that treatments must be customized for each patient. That is why we have developed an expertise in the best cutting-edge treatments and are always scanning the field for credible novel treatments to incorporate into our practice or innovating new treatments ourselves. Other TMS or ketamine providers follow our lead.

4. Expertise: We don’t dabble. Providing advanced treatments is our sole focus.

Some practices offer treatments such as ketamine or TMS as small components of a conventional psychiatric practice. The providers dabble in those treatment modalities. Other providers have not even been professionally trained to treat psychiatric disorders (e.g. anesthesiologists) but treat it anyway with ketamine or TMS to boost their business.   At Kadima, our primary focus is the cutting-edge treatments that we offer. We understand that many patients have extensively tried conventional medications and therapies and are looking for more advanced treatments. These patients deserve to have these advanced treatments administered by specialist fully committed to using these advanced treatments.

5. Innovation: We don’t just adopt treatments off the shelf we continuously optimize.

Developing new treatments and optimizing others through research and innovation is an important part of Kadima’s mission. Otherwise, we would not be living up to our name “Kadima” (Forward!). We have taken our years of experience and applied that know-how to every aspect of our practice. One tour of facilities and the way we have designed our treatment rooms and facilities will quickly convince you of how we are set apart from other providers.

6. Cutting Edge Technology: We always utilize the most advanced technology and procedures.

Some providers chose certain technology over others because it’s convenient or less expensive. Others avoid upgrading their technology for the same reasons. We have a commitment to provide our treatments with the most advanced technology available. An example of this is our transition from conventional TMS to deep TMS, our specially designed treatment rooms for optimal patient experience and our patented continuous wireless vital monitoring system for added safety and less treatment disruption.

7. Personal Attention, Not Mass Production. We focus on being one stellar institute, not a chain of locations

Some centers boast they are the largest providers of TMS, with many locations. But does that help you as a patient?   A massive chain of locations is great when you are looking for a fast food meal, but not when you’re seeking a treatment to rebalance your brain. We are not the largest practice, but at Kadima, you will receive expert personal treatment by a provider with the extensive experience and knowledge.

8. Leadership:  We are pioneers in the field.

Others follow our lead. Dr. Feifel was the first San Diego provider to provide rTMS, the first to provide Deep TMS and the first to provide Ketamine for psychiatric conditions and recently he became the first psychiatrist to routinely provide BOTOX for major depression.

9. Scientific Research: Our robust research program provides opportunities for our patients to receive investigational cutting-edge treatments before they are widely available.

A major component of Kadima’s mission is developing better treatments. our “Research” tab for more information). Dr. Feifel oversees an NIH-funded research program that focuses on improving treatments for neuropsychiatric conditions. He has published well over 100 scientific papers on ways to treat brain conditions and improve brain function.

Biotech companies, university researchers alike seek out Dr. Feifel to collaborate on research projects aimed at developing more advanced treatments. You are not likely to find this feature at other providers of TMS or ketamine. Our current and former patients are given priority over the public to participate in research and receive investigational treatments before they are available to the public. Some of our current projects include:

  • studying a new type of TMS called “Synchronous TMS” for FDA approval

  • developing a new TMS coil with better targeting features

  • developing a novel ketamine infusion procedure that can provide individualized optimal doses at each treatment

  • TMS treatment for PTSD

  • developing a smartphone app to track patients’ symptoms between clinic visits,

  • combining other therapies with TMS and Ketamine to improve their effects (See

See the “Research” tab on this website for more information on our research.

10. Cost/Quality Balance: All treatments are directly overseen by experienced phyicians, not PAs or NPs

Our ketamine fees are one of the lowest in the country but may be slightly higher than other local providers because we won’t compromise on our technology, the quality of our staff or the personal time we spend with our patients to customize their treatments. This decision has been validated by the number of patients who have chosen to come to Kadima after initiating treatment elsewhere.

To offset our advantages, some other providers have been deeply discounting their ketamine treatment fees. These discounts do not come without a cost.  To be able to offer highly discounted prices, other practices often utilize non-physician providers, such as physician assistants (PA), to perform the crucial initial consultation and/or the subsequent follow-up assessments. There is an enormous difference in the training that a Psychiatrist receives compared to a PA.  Ketamine and TMS treatment of psychiatric disorders are highly specialized treatments, so much so, that even most psychiatrists do not feel qualified to provide them, instead referring their patients to psychiatrists with the expertise needed, like Dr. Feifel. In light of this, we strongly recommend against having these specialized treatments in a setting where they will be primarily managed by a non-physician and the initial consultation should always be conducted directly by a psychiatrist with extensive experience.

At Kadima customization of your care and treatment needs is unsurpassed.  We do not utilize Many other providers utilize a generic protocol for ketamine treatment consisting of a set number of treatments or a set dose (or narrow dose range). What we offer is what you, as an individual patient, need on a case by case, visit by visit basis

If you are seeking ketamine or TMS treatments, it’s a given that you have a complex psychiatric disorder that has not responded to conventional treatments. You are most likely investing much hope (not to mention time and funds) that one or both of these advanced treatments will be the answer to your long-suffering. We understand that. Does it make sense, therefore, to undermine your chances for a successful outcome by allowing yourself to be treated by any provider, other than a highly trained, and experienced psychiatrist or neuropsychiatrist?